The Certificate in Kroc Center Leadership is a distinctive certificate program for development and capacity building of Salvation Army Officers and key management staff. The certificate is structured around four foundational content areas, concluding with a portfolio project.

This course introduces students to the distinctive culture, purposes and practices of the Kroc Center and identifies the necessary skills required to provide leadership in such an environment.  Students will become acquainted with teamwork principles, group dynamic concepts, conflict management strategies and the principles of effective strategic planning.

This course introduces students to Kroc Center operations and the importance of both mission and margin for the sustainability of the enterprise.  Emphasis is given to understanding the importance of these dual roles in strategic planning, programming, finances, employees and customer development. Key metrics and technology systems and infrastructure will be covered as well as an overview of Kroc Operating Standards.

This course describes the various aspects of financial management in Kroc Centers, including the role of the Executive in finance and budget decisions, the purpose of a business plan and the place of an independent auditor’s report.  Students will develop the necessary skills to employ foundational accounting concepts in Kroc Center operations, including developing effective fund-raising strategies.

The capstone course is designed to facilitate the integration and demonstrated application of Salvation Army Kroc Center policies and procedures as outlined in the other courses of the certificate program. Practicum experiences at Kroc Centers are part of this course.